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Last Checked on March 26th 2015

Agree to disagree. The retelling of Cinderella was great, nothing short of anything. It was meant to be lighthearted, and hopeful with enough drama –I thought, and a lot of people, it captured a great (re) representation of Cinderellie and the story. Were you really expecting a troubled and slaved Cinderella to climb up the ladders and become the governor of Alaska and later be the president of America? Please, we live in the 21st century where anything can be so unpredictable and deviant and anything unconventional. To that end, there is the pride of the adult industry that stands up for its idiosyncrasy. The site’s called, the kinky magazine you used to know.

If one would go by the chosen name of the magazine, one can easily assume that the object it expresses is the main figure. In actuality, it is the visage of every woman and how she is as pretty and fragile as a butterfly. If looked at closely with a more subjective eye, the figures are all complementary and one cannot have any disambiguate effect without the existence of the other.

Therefore, all the figures in every video are of the main in they’re portrayal of human evasion like Rocco Siffredi to the beauties, reason and meaning of life that are all children of the light. With that said, it clearly depicts how awareness biased to a negative feeling can really weigh a soul of a creature down. Regardless, the soul will always be redeemable. And as a magazine company promoting freedom through nudity, the Pent has always been so philosophical in its approach.

For anyone who has missed out on limited magazine issues of the vintage classics, it is their chance to see and experienced what they have missed as the site features all of its magazine archives. Along that would be the company’s true cream in its crop, which are the videos that stretch to over 3,000 selections, rendering 20 minutes of high quality nude media each. There are also the photo galleries that portray all of your favorite Pent models going fully nude in their shots.

The details of every video are clear. The photos are amazing. The site itself is embellished in a simplistic way. Most importantly, it makes you feel like you’re really looking at an actual magazine, a moving one. Its optimum satisfaction with Penthouse.

Rocco Siffredi


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In love, the lamest idea really is to say that the two of you are just not meant to be. There is no such thing as being meant to be. It is just that some men are good and the rest of us, well, are evil or something like that. The thing really is, some reasons are wrong, and some are not. We make mistakes, we correct them. If life is all about looking for a reason or something, then you won’t really live. Let me tell you about a guy who will teach you this lesson better than anyone else ever can. He’s Rocco Siffredi and he’s on God Mode. All the time.


This is what I would call this guy. He has a conviction that would never seem to die. He is able to pick up girls like he is only buying for some candies by the sidewalk. And in case you don’t know, he is also the executive producer of the famous Evil Angel site where all the beautiful women who have a queer taste when it comes to sex flock for the most satisfying hardcore sex sessions. Just as that is the case, Rocco fancies extreme porn, which means he may not settle just for the conventional missionary posts and whatnot. He would go the extremes by tying a girl’s hands to the bedposts and blindfold her like Christian Grey has blindfolded Anastasia. History follows.

When traced back to the origins of Rocco Siffredi, one would be able to determine that they are up to something truly promising. Just with the signature he is known for, the “Italian Stallion”, one would be able to surmise that prideful contents are the only thing they can expect. Now with more varieties to choose from, this legend will satiate your cravings for high quality and enigmatically significant porn.

From MILFs to deep throating teens, the choices are complete in a sense that they meet the purpose of their niches. There are over 340 DVD format videos, good for 20 minutes each, streamable and downloadable, giving the users options for their comfort. Furthermore, the 293 photo albums contain 45 pics of professional nude photographs each.

Rocco Siffredi has more surprises under his sleeves. He never fails to surprise his audience and bring nothing but purely valuable porn media. Let the Italian Stallion gallop his way to porn perfection.

Hardcore Gangbang


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Last Checked on March 26th 2015

Hardcore Gangbang gets you and they wreck you with the kind of gangbang movies you will not find anywhere else very easily. The images they have are soaked in dark colors of red and black inside the member’s area. Things look pretty the intense and you will know that this is a bdsm site from the layout. You will have options, menu at the top gives you things like sites, account, and you can move easily inside. One gets the sense of a layout that has packed information and content but is not bewildering to maneuver and use. You can have a synopsis of the content, a brief look at the movie. You can decide to use the more detailed option offering more thumbs and previews.


Clearly, someone cares deeply for this site and the layout that they use. Someone is hard at work providing what you need. But, what they are known for isn’t features and gimmicks. Hardcore material is what you are after and this kind of action will give you a mad rush. The gals who decide to dare to be fucked by a group of guys all at once are great to look at. There is the high level of insults, vicious insertions, slapping, double penetrations, hardcore mouth fucking, foot play, and so much more. Every part of the gals is utilized to give the guys pleasure. There is usually a plot line somewhere in there but when they start fucking the gal, you will not want to close your eyes for one sec. this is not for the softhearted among you, it is really very terrifyingly arousing stuff.

Even some exploited pornstars you know get treated to hardcore fucking by nasty group of foul mouthed hungry demented dudes who cum multiple times. The site also takes care of other important aspects like making sure the action is filmed according to high standards. The cameras produce a lot of scenes in HD quality and windows and mpeg formats are there too. The crisp 720p image of somebody undergoing the brutal pounding by five dicks is a sight you will not scrub from your cornea for a long time. You will find hundreds of videos by now, updates are a regular occurrence.

You can submit your request for full video by clicking the appropriate download links and have them. If you can’t wait that long, then get familiar with small incredible clips available.

If you are a photo maniac then you will have plenty of things to keep your addiction well supplied. The image sets that they have are big, over 300 images in some; others have 180 images or less. The number really depends on the episode from which the pics originated from. You will get a lot either way. You will get to see pictures of the models, then the hardcore sex images, the pleasure, the depravity, the brutal sexuality, and finally the cum messy resolution of the situation. The bonus that is in there is the Bound Gangbangs porn paysite, which will demolish you also with more nasty material. If you like dramatically forceful kind of sex, savage orgies, bdsm, gangbangs, then hardcore gangbang is waiting for you! Welcome!

Exploited College Girls


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Last Checked on March 26th 2015

Log in into the site Exploited College Girls, one is treated to a laid-back atmosphere, that might be deceiving at first, before you see what material they have. The member’s area is unpretentious and doesn’t try to dazzle you too much. You will find various models featured clearly inside, and even though it’s all plain, it still is eye catching with nice color scheme. You will be able to use tabs (home, girls, bonus, webcams, support) to quickly escape to the various parts of the site. In the hunt for more information, one can enter the support tab and find that they have the info needed on subjects such as downloading of the porn movies.


The site contains four hundred and thirty one videos that we could count, probably more when you come in. We say that there will be more because they are updating on a weekly timetable. Like a centralized government, the bulk of everything inside this site is found at the center of the page. Some people are insistent on the site changing the layout that they have. For us, we are not going to hold it against them because content-wise they are remarkable. There were lots of times we found material in fields like anal, interracial, threesomes, masturbation, public, solo, lesbian, and other hardcore niches. So, we think that they have exploited the variety rather nicely.

They have got over one hundred and sixteen models (or coeds if you like) inside the site. Some of them look so petite and young that you will be forgiven for thinking they are high school age. All are above 18 years but no one looks remotely close to hitting the late twenties or even thirties. We weren’t excepting to find a big model page with lots of information. However, we are blessed with one inside this site. The usual stats are there including a long paragraph of their bio. It seems like unadulterated information really. Good job guys!

When a site tackles the reality niche such as this, you want to see the filming reflect the serious reality of the situation. You want to feel pulled in by the content since its original stuff. That’s what’s happening inside this coed exploitative site. As you watch the action, you will see small amateurish mistakes, which add to the realism of the material. You will also find that the gals are natural in transitioning from reading books about the male dick, to deep throating it and having cumshots all over their blonde bodies.

To rundown quickly the kind of technical stuff you get, they have mobile formats and the other kinds as well. Videos are clear, they could be better if they added more HD content and we hope it’s coming soon. Zipped files contain pictures, you use them to download. Resolution has improved, still room for better we think. You have a glory-porn-fest to have fun with when you check out the 23 bonus sites given. In conclusion, you will not be wasting money nor time by joining Exploited College Girls, so why wait? Go on and become a member.

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Last Checked on March 26th 2015

You want Blacks On Blondes to please you, then all you have to do is to be a heavy fan of hard black cock being pushed into taut white-gals-pussy. If you trace the family tree from which they came from, you will find that the quality DogFart network have their hands all over the development of this site. This particular interracial site has always been exclusive porn provider. They give members some new action weekly, and they have things like bonus sites and more to dangle before your eyes. It is time to tangle with great black cocks. The sexy ladies inside are only too eager to feel every inch of that dick in them. Exciting? You don’t know the half of it!


The full-size black cock and the powerful pleasure it promises is the draw that attracts all the white horny gals. This site has more than 16 years of producing material. Look at the number of white gals they have fucked, hundreds! Most of the videos are thirty minutes or more. They have gone ahead and increased the quality of films they make from 720p to 1080p. Oh yes, interracial hardcore fucking in HD formats is dramatically eye catching beautiful. You can have the mp4 file or the wmv file. You can stream and download. Everything you actually need, they give you.

The movies come accompanied by picture galleries. All the white models, and pornstars inside the network have been ranked, and you can find them painstakingly alphabetically arranged. The site does divide stuff up, easier for navigation. You get most recent section, best rated section, and information on how many pictures are attached to each movie episode. You fancy the pics, download the zip file, or look at them online. They have high-res pictorials inside.

The production-experience they have means very little issues when you look at their product, quality, performance, and site design. Nevertheless, they keep increasing, changing up the way the black cocks fuck the white pussies. That ensures no dull monotony. But to really give you positive thoughts of joining them, they give members access to DogFart. That brings 21 sites. That is lots of pornography for the sum you pay for membership.

Finally yet importantly, did you know that the material inside this site and the network as a whole has won countless awards from porn organizations? They won because they have the interracial hardcore thing locked down tight. Blacks On Blondes is a porn paysite that is living up to the intense drama that goes on when white pussy is confronted by life-size black cock!

DDF Network


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Last Checked on March 26th 2015

DDF Network and the promise that they make is a hot topic of discussion. They are singing aloud that you get over 1 million images, multiple additions done every week, and hundreds of sexy pornstars/models. They have thirteen sites. They have over twelve thousand videos waiting. This is not one of those places where you aren’t overwhelmed by quality porn. The big names (when it comes to the models) have helped in drawing in fans/new members. However, there is more, there must be!


The only sensory overload that you get is the one that is produced from watching their content. The design on the other hand looks to be in tiptop condition. They minimize the use of confusing menus and annoying advertisements. Content comes with previews, you get rating, number of views, and time stamps. Many of the sites use magazine style shoots. This is in order to bring a sense if pizzazz to the site/network. You get trapped by the scathing debauchery of bdsm porn. You have wonderful European gals taking care of you. You get fantasies, live-cam sites, variety galore inside. You can spend your time inside counting how many pictures and movies you get, or you can trust these guys to never fail you. They bring more and more, galleries grow and grow. The sites also maintain their updating schedule, very impressive considering many networks fail in this department.

It definitely ain’t garbage! We are talking about the content quality of the material inside. They have 4 visual formats, they go up and down from SD quality, mid, to full HD action. You get Streams and download options. Picture sets, with 150 or more images inside, are also impressing when you look at the technique, and production quality. They have many high res images. You will find they take care of you with zip files, images inside are top-draw stuff. They have not neglected to ensure that all technical aspects of running a professional pornsite are taken care of forthwith.

Expect what from the older annals/archives? Lower resolution across the spectrum! Sad, yes, but you can opt to dive into the future and present and there you will find they have the undisputed ability to rock your world! Material inside is categorized, models are separated M/F, you get all the tools from the webmaster to ensure speedy surfing. We are all here standing up and giving them a serious ovation because they truly can make members “cum explore their world”, so to speak!

Daily you will be looking to drop more sticky semen as you peruse what these guys have produced, and the latest action. This is not false advertisement, they are an outstanding megasite. They also have variety that spans many hardcore niches. DDF Network awaits your speedy membership subscription, you will not regret it!

Pink Visual


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Last Checked on March 26th 2015

Pink Visual Pass takes the already sexy models and pornstars available to them, takes inspired porn producers, takes what you want to see into consideration and creates really transcendent porn. This is how we feel…don’t agree with us? Well, how about we tell you about the breathtaking genres and niches that they have produced. Uhm, they are…breathtaking…but on a more serious note, as a player in the porn industry they have come up and blown up since they are real quality hardcore porn producers. The sections where you will spend most time inside the site are favorites, reality sites, bonus content, fresh faces, pornstars.


The search for the kind of material you want is achieved using the search engine they offer. You do not have to wonder how much content you are going to receive. They tell you clearly, 291 pornstars/models, 8 free live shows, 2168 full movies, 5257 episodes. That hits you right on the spot since you know that you are receiving bountiful amounts of porn. When something new is updated, they notify the members. So all the latest productions they have can be located in the homepage. Pictures are there, lots and lots of pictures. The popular stars they have, they list them down. They have many recognizable people inside.

It is all really simple. You create your account, select the type of membership deal; you pay, input payment details and off you run to snatch all the hardcore bliss action you can carry! The HD previews we sampled showed us the level of filming technique and expertise that these guys have. We rate that at a strong 95% quality rating. The longer versions of the videos are forty minutes. Okay they limit your monthly movies to 15 and that is on each month. If you choose the yearly discount plan, that rises to 50 per month. Sample any of the many categories they have and then try to tell us that they do not offer you variety of porn, they do.

Information on things like updates, rating, reviews, coming soon stars, and so on is available if you know where to click and look for it. There are many unique variations of sex-scenes inside, each producing fruitful amounts of cum from your massive hardon. Again, they cover many familiar categories for you, hardcore porn.

Let’s be reasonable here, what more could you possibly want that Pink Visual Pass doesn’t provide? Okay the limitation on movie downloads is painful to some; others simply swallow that pill without blinking. This is because the site aggressively pursues them with high quality hardcore pornography. There are several sites you are able to meander through as a member to this one, sort of like a delightful bonus. You can indulge all your sex-slutty-desires inside, you can and you should!

Backroom Casting Couch


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Last Checked on March 26th 2015

Here is the general overview of what you will find inside the site Backroom Casting Couch so that you can decide whether to join them or not. Okay first thing is that this site is a video site. That means more emphasis on video content than other picture-centred sites. The babes who are hungry for that elusive one chance to make it big in the porn modelling world are the ones who are tricked. The dude doing the interview initially says all the right things, pushes all the right buttons. He talks of fame, opportunity, money, career, and the gals eat it all up. What you and the dude performing the interviews know is that all this talk is simply bullocks! The dude just wants to lay his pipe down hard inside these sexy looking babes!


The big lie is that the gals will get any sort of assistance from the guy fucking their brains out. No one is being helped, but somehow the gals always fall for this legendary porn gag. The site clearly talks of gals being hardcore fucked without pay, or without being given what they were promised, a shot at fame! Anyway, for you, it just means double the fun of watching amateur babes deliver blowjobs, hardcore sex, anal sometimes, and show you many naked amateur bodies.

The content they have comes out really authentic. Some people are weary of the authentic reality tag that many pornsites out there wear. People just do not believe the action is real. Inside this site, the gals look nervous, and many have to be really coaxed by the interviewer. After their outer shell of shyness and non-cooperation is shattered, the gals eager hop on the dicks and show you really amazing stuff. If you enjoy bareback sex (condom-less 21sextury type action) then there is a lot of that happening here. You will see that the gals have different body appearances. This adds flavour to the content they make. Exclusive substance and HD movies are in there. For your troubles, you are given over 287 movies. The overall design of the site is still pretty basic.

The downloads for the films means you have mp4 formats, choosing the HD ones to start with is great since they are impeccably clean and crisp. They have thumbnails, they do not have pictorial photo shoots for you to enjoy. Mpeg, mov, mp4, wmv, flv are the formats they give. Filming is done from POV perspective. If not then it’s a tripod stand stationary camera. Interviewer wisely blurs out his face. Weekly additions of episodes are seen inside the site. Bonus sites give you more porn from coeds, young teens, and more niches to enjoy.

Functionally, the design that Backroom Casting Couch has resigned to use is not bad since it does everything they want beautifully. It’s just not so diverse or full of glittering features that will wow you. What you should concentrate fully on is the content. It is a lot better than let’s say 90% of the other pornsites in the market. Not a bad rating, do check them out!



21Sextury Discount

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Last Checked on March 26th 2015

21Sextury is a network that has 21 reasons why you need to look at them. That’s because they have 21 websites. These sites can all be very interesting but the network goes a step further. They go ahead and issue you 19 more bonus sites you can access. Therefore, when the math is done at the end of the day, you are getting a lot of sites! But let us not be carried away by the various promises they make. What we are concentrating on today is what’s real and what’s not as far as this network is concerned.


The first real thing is that there is a lot of content to be had. Having 21 sites is no joke. You will be looking at hundreds of models/gals. The number is rising to 3000 last we checked. After that, you will have over eleven thousand scenes to look at. That is hundreds of hours of porn. It would take you months to watch everything that the network provides. The coverage of genres is also another issue to talk about. They have so many, over forty niches/genres inside. A membership subscription for this network looks to be one heck of deal for lovers of hardcore porn surely!

Getting around inside the network is just as important as having hundreds of pics or movies. The homepage has the following things. There is a section where you can catch news happening across the network. Updates and recent additions of movies and pics are also inside the homepage. You can reach them by using the links they provide. The sites have a similar design. This is to help not confuse you too much. Maneuvering through the network is constantly being improved on since they do have a lot of material they are pushing around. All the movies you are given are not HD quality. They do have 1080p HD resolution movies by the hundreds so don’t worry. The quality of the rest of the films is bearable. Streaming is another service offered.

We can’t list all the sites here, lack of enough space, but they do cover all major niches including casting. They mainly focus on hardcore mainstream kind of material. The number of pornstars you receive is high. You will be able to search using filters. The network must invest in a more advanced search feature. Thankfully, the model index has options that enable you to look for different body features when it comes to the models. Rating the models, and finding which site they have performed for is something you can do inside this network.

It is common to see 21Sextury network add new material day after day. Some of the sites inside have slow updating speeds. There are many people who think and feel this site is among the top-dawgs in the industry. We think so too.

Nubiles Casting


Nubiles Casting Discount

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Last Checked on March 26th 2015

Nubiles Casting is a relatively new site. This site does have interesting material however. You will see they do house many hot looking bodies and young sexy models inside. Approaching their work a bit differently, they try to make the teens feel at ease by using another teen babe. Let us explain. There is a sexy looking babe, young, who introduces the potential teen pornstar to the idea of fucking in front of the camera. The gals who are approached all seem to have some hidden desire to do this kind of work. The sexy gal handling the camera literally convinces the other gal to get naked and get fucked hard in front of the camera.


The concept that this site uses is that its material is behind scene kind of video recording and that its original stuff. You will see that all the gals they do have are really beautiful. There is an interview that happens. This is before any clothes are taken off and before any sex begins. There are teen models who are interviewed and coaxed into masturbation solo scenes inside. Finding the material that you want to look at first is not hard. The interface that they use doesn’t look like it’s going to trouble you a lot. Sorting features like top rated/recent/keywords/tags and other options are there for you to use.

The material inside does have rating and comments that we think are left there by the members. When selecting the kind of teen model you want, there is a list of criteria you can use that normally takes into consideration the body type of the model. The amount of material they have is not so big. They are starting out. They have over 34 videos inside. Downloadable ones seem to be very good quality that is 1080p kind of resolution. The HD movies can be 20 minutes or more. They do have lower res formats from 720, 540, 360, 270 pixel resolutions. The model index has links. You get to have gals sucking cock, threesomes, hardcore penetrations, cumshots, and other niches inside.

You can stream the material and they have zip file for the images. They have over 28 image galleries inside. Quality of the images depends, but many are high res. There are 800 pixel quality images and 5610 pixel resolution images. Weekly updates are happening. One thing that should excite you is that they have bonus action. That is access to Moms Teach Sex/ Nubiles.Net/ Nubile Porn. With the inclusion of the bonus action, you will have enough content to watch. This is not the only reason why you should consider Nubiles Casting subscription. They look like a site that is going places as is Casting Couch X and it’s not a bad idea to check them out.

Casting Couch X


Casting Couch X Discount

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Last Checked on March 26th 2015

Casting Couch X with its 137 videos, 100+ models, and ambitions of making you horny aroused is what we are looking at today. Now the gals inside this site have a certain need and desire they want to accomplish. They want to make it big in the industry. The guys who are doing the “interviews” also have a certain need and desire they want to accomplish. They want to nut and have hardcore sex. The casting is therefore hardcore porn action that is stimulating for the nerves and the eyes. There is the backroom where the gals are naked screaming in pleasure for the camera hoping to give Oscar worth performances.


The quality of the images is not bad considering the type of niche these guys are into, hardcore amateur porn. You will find 1500 pixel resolution galleries inside with downloading options of zip file being made readily available. The movies are great with different formats, windows media, flv, mp4, mpeg, and thank the heavens that they offer downloads and streams for videos. The video productions that are the crème of the crop inside are HD 1080p quality. We would like seeing daily updates but that is just because we like what they are doing so much. They currently have weekly updates.

Membership to this site is different. They have the same producers who make material for the Porn Pros Network but you will not have bonus action from this network to count on. This site stands independently and proud like a veined hard erection. The value of membership could have been greatly increased if they had included the network but that’s a topic for another day. The genuine desire that the gals exhibit, since they want to make it big in the adult entertainment business, is something that is captivating to behold similar to X Art. You will find different kinds of amateur hardcore scenes showing cumshots, anal, creampies, bjs, pussy, boobs, and hardcore filthiness. The whole concept is not new, but the way it’s presented filmed and package is great which is why we think these guys are a bit different.

Simple to the core is the motto that the user interface strives to achieve and we think they do. The tabs inside are scenes, girls, top rated. The material has date stamps. The model index shows the gals, scenes they have appeared in. The information at hand is kept to a minimal. They have other browsing options for videos. You get an all right user interface that is not fancy but doesn’t have too many bad things attached to it either.

They get a strong 9 out 10 from us overall and that is only because they are yet to add more material and reach figures like 500+. Casting Couch X and the lovely gals that they bring, the amateur hardcore, the services, and the experience they offer to new members is valuable, worthy of you checking them out!

X Art


X Art Discount

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Last Checked on March 26th 2015

X Art is the website that we are looking at today and we want to uncover what they can provide for millions of erotica fans all over the world. The material that they have comes from some couple in Malibu but it looks to be really exciting action. There are various famous photographers featured inside as well and the babes are stunning. The material they have is exclusive porn action. They have added features, whistles and bells, material, gals, pics, movies, and it’s time we reviewed them once more!


With over 150 models inside X Art, over 500 image galleries, over 580 videos as well, this site is a strong standalone site that can offer members lots of material. The site is primarily an erotica hotspot so they have lots of focus on high quality imagery. You will find the 3 sizes for the image files useful. The highest resolution quality for images is in the upwards of 3000 pixel resolution. The zip file is used for downloading the images. Inside they have managed to collect formats like wmv, QuickTime, mp4, flv, when it comes to the videos. The filming crew is producing material that is 1080p HD resolution. The frequency of updates is great with multiple additions every week.

To begin with we like the fact that they also have hardcore material inside. That kind of action might surprise some people who simply know these guys as softcore-erotica porn producers. The hardcore comes with lesbian niches as well. So in total, you get solo, masturbation, striping, posing, and hardcore as well. Nice mix really. The gals come to you in such glamour-filled action that you are tempted not to blink lest you miss something. Don’t worry though you will not miss anything. The production still smells of artistic integrity more than simple fucking and cumming scenes so it’s still engaging. You will find different babes, super model type to simple beautiful type.

The site has tabs at the top including: home, update, videos, models, live cams, behind scene. Each is a gateway to more exciting content and more navigational options. You will be able to browse the models according to newest, name, age, and for the videos you will have options including recent and most popular. There is neat arrangement of stuff according to date added. The information that they have provide is enough to tell you what’s happening around you.

If you are searching for the glam porn kind of material, here is where you get it, X Art! This site is growing with each passing week, they also happen to have high quality productions and wonderful babes.